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Any background information about the book?

The book has been a book for about 4 years and I have been working a lot on it in that period of time. A good amount of the writing and many poems go back as far as 11 years. The book has roughly 91,525 words; about equal to 140 8-1/2" x 11" pages.

Who is Lonesome George?

The last remaining turtle of its kind (as seen on TV).

What is server 54?

An abandoned computer file server left running for years.

Other Formats

Is there a printed version of the book?

Not at this time. It depends on reader interest and funding unless the book gets picked up by a publisher. I want to continue to keep it online while I can, though it seems a counterdiction. Perhaps if there is interest I may self-publish it. If you are still interested, you can click here to cast a vote. It's not an pre-order thing, I will not spam people back.

Will there be eBooks?

There may be, though I prefer hypertext markup language because; it costs nothing, is easily accessible, and is non-privatized. If I do an eBook format, I will do more than one to maintain diversity. I don't like computer monopolies.

DRM will become a big issue soon. If I make other formats available that in a small way perpetuates those formats. I believe that software companies sometimes expect the public to have too little rights as well as the public expects too much. If I buy a book at a bookstore I can loan it to a friend or sell it used at a bookstore. If I buy a eBook it will mostlikely become hardware or software bound to a specific machine.


I can't afford to make a donation, am I welcome to read the book?

Yes, of course : ) This is one of reasons why it's here.

Why ask for donations?

For what it is, Saving Throw is a complete work. People ask for money for they books they sell. I thought would let people read it and decide whether or not they got something from it.


I see all funny double quotes and characters?

Your browser or browser version isn't capable of displaying extended characters, perhaps a newer version can.

What is the deal with Gender Rain / Saving Throw.

This is a little complicated. The poem Gender Rain predates the book. While it is mostly; the book is about more than gender issues and I wanted to show that. I have owned for a while before I figured that out.

Why does the book page load all at once?

I think it's easier to mousewheel through the book than keep clicking. I also want to discourage anyone from reading or linking inside the book without reading the cautionary preface and the legal section.

Page Info?

This site is marked up as HTML 4.0, though the markup is very strict because I wanted the book to be able to be transferable. Presentation is handled with entirely with stylesheets. The book was hand-marked up using helper-aps and checked with a validator. A surprising amount of Saving Throw is class separated like reexperiences, quotes, poems.

Adult Content

What is to prevent someone who is underage from reading your site?

Good parenting.

The Internet is neither a baby-sitter nor a parent. The Internet cannot guide or love. It offers only raw information—not your years of wisdom. The Internet represents part of the collective consciousness but also the subcounsciousness of humanity. Even for what it is at times, the Internet is one of humanity's greatest achievements. I believe that it would be very selfish to try to constrict and control the Internet because someone doesn't have the time to watch their own kids.