Set in the near-future, The Rights of Numbers is a political science-fiction novel. The story centers on an Alliance of computer entrepreneurs who hire mercenaries for a desperate struggle to stop a computer monopoly from corrupting the American government.

With rumors spreading about a planned military action against a young democracy, can the Alliance expose Enivid Technologies as the only party that has anything to gain in a bloody conflict over media rights?

The plotlines in The Rights of Numbers blend artistic writing to the formal framework of an outline. Within its psychological undertone, the story includes many diverse groups of characters, from the Alliance’s troubled mercenaries, through the worried CEOs of Enivid’s last competitor, to a few ravers who have timing and intuition that are a little too great to be considered natural.

The Rights of Numbers

  • Genres, Categories: Fiction, Action, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Drama, Psychodrama, and Romance.
  • Length: About 101,700 Words.
  • Status: Stable, but could always stand more editing.
  • Available Formats: PDF (so far).
  • Subjects: Computers, political trends, GLBT issues, computer games, recovery issues, and the dance/rave scene.
  • Rated (Unoffically): R, Adult situations, strong language, violence, some sexual situations.