The Rights of Numbers was a two year effort. It has only the same restrictions that would be placed on a physical book. The act of posting the book on line without any software that binds the book to your computer is an experiment of honor and trust.

If you have found it entertaining, informative, or even provocative, I would greatly appreciate a small non-tax deductible donation. I want to give a percentage of whatever I receive to the people who helped me make this book possible.

At the time of writing, I am living on a very small fixed income. I am carrying credit card debt for things including writing expenses, such as my computer, monitor, printer, toner, and paper. I would like to purchase a laptop computer to write on as well as do some music recording.

I have been told that writing a book is a waste of time, and that it isn’t real work. Wouldn’t making a donation say otherwise?

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Thank You.

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