Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be a paper version?

I am not sure. I want to do one. Publishing inquiries are accepted.

What are all these funny words I see on your site that look like “ ?

They are extended characters. If you are seeing them, it probably means that you have an older browser which doesn't support them, or I have made a mistake entering them.

Why put the book online?

It is difficult to get a book published. Most publishers ask for writers not to make simultaneous submissions. The timing for the book seemed about right to me, and if I had done more submissions, the impact of the story may have diminished.

Why ask for donations?

While writing The Rights of Numbers was a labor of love, I would like to make some money from it. It would make me happy to have enough money to get a laptop computer, or at least pay off my desktop. A lot of people who write would like to make enough money to spend more time on their craft—me too. Thank you.

Will there be a Rights of Numbers II?

I am going to try. If I have the time.

Will there be a movie or television series?

I want to do one, but because of the controversial nature of the book, I would not hold my breath.

Will the book always be available online?

Not necessarily. A printed book contract may stipulate that the online version must go. While this may seem selfish, please remember, I do want to reach people.

Why use PDF files?

Because the book is long, I believe that more people will print it than read it on the screen. I needed a solution that a reader could print with little effort. PDF’s are also easily exported from my word processor. Adobe’s reader does have the virtue of anti-aliasing text on the screen, making it easier to read on systems without good font smoothing.

What is to prevent someone who is underage from reading your site?

Good parenting.

The Internet is neither a baby-sitter nor a parent. The Internet cannot guide or love. It offers only raw information—not your years of wisdom. The Internet represents part of the collective consciousness but also the subconsciousness of humanity. Even for what it is at times, the Internet is one of humanity’s greatest achievements. I believe that it would be very selfish to try to constrict and control the Internet because someone doesn’t have the time to watch their own kids.